Monday, July 23, 2007

The Joys of Children

Okay guys, I posted this on my facebook sight a few days ago, but I thought all of you might enjoy too!

Well, first of all you'll notice the time right now. Its after 4am. When you become a mom, something happens when it comes to sleeping. Literally a pin drop, tiny cry, cough, bump will wake you up. So, tonight I heard Aaron turning a lot in his bed. He usually sleeps like a rock, so needless to say, I got up to check on him. I quietly sneak out of bed, tip-toe to his door, open it as quietly as possible. Then proceed to carefully make my way over to his bed without stepping on a squeak toy, then I peak over the rails of his baby bed. And, what do I find, not a pajama clad toddler sleeping soundly, but a bare bottom sticking straight up in the air. The entire bed is soaked, bumper pads and all. Not to mention, poor little Aaron asleep, face right in the middle of the mess. At first, I think "oh, poor baby!" but then I laugh (in my head) and think, "this is so much like Aaron." He is hilarious but has a flare for trouble. So, I stop for a second to think what to do, when I spot the discarded diaper & pajamas on the floor, across the room, aparently flung there. So, I proceed to as gently as possible put to his pajamas back on not to mention a new diaper. Lay him quietly in bed with Cliff, change his bed sheets, move him back his bed & head back to bed myself. He barely woke up as I was putting his clothes back on, just enough to give me a sleepy smile that said so much more than I am sleepy. Well now, he's soundly alseep, back in his fresh bed, and I am left here not being able to sleep, but also thinking back on the days before I had kids & knowing I would never go back for anything even though I do have have to clean up a lot of messes, its so worth it!!


gerlthouse said...

We miss you guys so much. It's fun to hear about your kiddos. Hope we can see you SOON!!

Jamie Butts said...

Post already. :) I miss you!