Friday, April 11, 2008

Emily's Question

This happened last week but between the packing and unpacking of it all, blogging got moved to the back burner. Anyways here's the story. The kids and I were sitting at the table about to eat lunch, we had just finished praying, and Emily looks up at me very serious and concerned that something was greatly wrong. Then she asks me, "Mommy, why didn't Jesus come back to life at Easter and take everyone that loves him to heaven?" It was so cute and I had to try not to let a little giggle slip out. You might think what in the world had we told her Easter was, or we did a really bad job explaining Jesus resurrection. However, a few weeks before Easter, my grandmother died. This was right about the time we started talking about the resurrection with her. My Granny was a believer, and we know that she is with Jesus right now. So, of course Emily being a 4 year old, she wanted to know where "Granny" was now that she had died. We've talked to her endless times about the gospel but this was actually reality now. So, we explained to her that Granny was in heaven because she loved Jesus and believed he was her savior. So, then you have the whole talk where she names every person she knows and asks if they are going to heaven. We had to be oh so delicate with our words. But, somehow in the confusion between Granny dying and going to heaven and why we celebrate Easter, she thought that at Easter Jesus was coming back and taking his people to heaven. I wonder how she felt this whole time leading up to Easter. I wonder if she was scared or just was just going with the flow. I was just a little in shock of how her little mind took these circumstances and made them make perfect sense in her head. When this first happened I thought it was funny but after thinking about it and praying over it, it has caused me much heartache. I pray earnestly that the Lord would be pleased to save her and Aaron and give them understanding quickly. The Lord has given parents such a huge responisbility in raising our children up to fear and love him. I truly feel honored and very thankful that the Lord has entrusted me with our little ones, but with all the joy and laughter, you never realize how much you anguish over and continually pray for them. Then I think there is no one that knows how I feel more so than God. Who sent his own son to die and actually had to pour out his wrath on his own undeserving son. He truly is our great comforter!