Thursday, July 17, 2008

Does the Pooping Ever End?????????

That is my question of the day! And the answer to that is, "for 2 year old little boys, NO!" This morning, I was just sitting in my room reading the last few pages of a book that I was too tired to finish last night when I hear the yelling voice of my favorite little boy, "Mommy, I pooped!" Of course I'm on the next to the last page, but I really did not want to put my book down! If was only 2 pages right, he should be fine, for what, 2 minutes. I yelled back, "just a minute, mommy's coming!" I quickly finish the last 2 pages, hop up & head to find Aaron. I can smell him before I even get to the door of the playroom, that's never a good sign! I step into the room, and Aaron has shed 100% of his clothing. He does the often during the day, the boy loves to run around in the buff. This is normally fine, but not when you have a diaper-no not a diaper- a pull-up full of poop! AND, if you are a mom you know what this means! It means, a diaper you take off by undoing the velcro & it simply falls off, a pull-up on the other hand has to be slid off like underwear. So, are you getting a picture in your mind of what I see walking through the door? Yep, poop smeared down both sides of his legs, but this isn't the worst part of it. Apparently he took his pull-up off first (before his shirt) because there was also a big smear up his back into his hair! Yum! Oh, but there's more! You wouldn't be a little boy if you didn't play in it a little, right? Amazingly, none was on the carpet, but he had proceeded in drawing rambo lines under his eyes! All I can say is, thank the Lord for bathtubs! So, I took my little poop smeared (literally from head to toe) linebacker & plopped him in the bathtub. The worst part was, (or maybe the best, who knows) was Aaron actually smiled the whole time, like he had planned this out from the beginning! He probably did, knowing him! I guess I will not neglect my little pooper again for the last 2 pages of a book! Who knew he could accomplish that much in 2 minutes. 2 Minutes!!!!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ok, I have to admit, I have done a wretched job of blogging lately! To that, I am sorry but I must say that it is likely to happen again. But for now, I will give you a little update on us and a funny story about Emily.

First of all, we are settled into our new home in Round Rock. We absolutely love it. Its wonderful to have a Super Target 5 minutes one way and the Round Rock outlets five minutes the other way. Needless to say, not something that Kingsland has ever boasted! The best part is, we are actually within 20 minutes of our church now. For the past 7 years, we have lived over an hour away from our beloved church but that is no longer the case. Praise the Lord! I have been able to spend time with the ladies from our church on a regular basis now, and we have a weekly date @ Chick-fil-a's family night with some other families from our church. It's been absolutely wonderful!

Right now, I am in the great town of Brownwood (actually Early) visiting my parents because Cliff is in Atlanta, Georgia for the next week and a half. He's going through some training at the Chick-fil-a home office right now. When he gets back, he will be working at the West Lake store for 2 more weeks then on August 1st, he will take over as interim operator at the Chick-fil-a in Lakeline Mall! We are so thrilled and thankful that the Lord has given us this opportunity! Please go see Cliff if you are ever @ that mall, I know he will be excited to see you! That's the bulk of what is going on with us, so now I will tell you the funny story about Emily!

Every night, when we put the kids to bed, we say the same prayer every night! We thank God for everyone in our family & then pray that the Lord would be pleased to give Emily & Aaron a new heart that would love Jesus more than anything. That night, Emily asked me if the Lord had given her a new heart yet. So, I asked her if she loved Jesus more than anything else in the whole world. Of course she said yes because kids really can't grasp the concept of loving someone more than all other things. So, I knew I had to be creative. I thought for a minute to myself, and was suddenly inspired. So I then asked Emily, "Emily, do you love Jesus more than your doll house or all your High School Musical dolls?" She looked up at the ceiling and thought for a second, then looked me squarely in the eye, sighed and said, "No" very matter-of-factly and with complete honesty. So, there's our answer isn't it! So, I very gently said, "Well, thats how we know that Jesus has given us a new heart, when we love him more than we love all our toys, friends, family, and anything else in this world. So, we'll just keep praying that Jesus will give you that heart that loves him more than High School Musical!" I kissed her, tucked her in then ran downstairs to tell Cliff the story! We had a good laugh but then prayed the same prayer we do every night, that the Lord would be pleased to save our kids!